Artist Run Limousine is a 24ft 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood that provides comfortable accomodation to 4 adults and a variety of software, media and motion based artworks.

Matt Smith and Sandra Wintner from Artist Run Limousine appeared at Upgrade to talk about the limousine and to present work from AUDIOMOBILE, an urban interactive installation that inhabits the Artist Run Limousine.

AUDIOMOBILE invites exploration of "sonic maps": individual audio elements are triggered by matching the output coordinates of the onboard GPS with the geographical location of the limousine as it glides through various urban scenarios. An array of audio samples, sound clips collaged with looping ambiences and complete narratives, generate an ever changing audio cityscape projected into the limousine. The position of the ARL determines which sounds are being played and from which direction they originate. This allows sounds to be perceived as emanating from a certain area, becoming softer or louder depending on the distance of the limousine from the mapped areas. The city of Vancouver can be understood to be the platform for AUDIOMOBILE.

AUDIOMOBILE is participating in the Scrambled Bites project at the Western Front during September 2003.

Artist Run Limousine
Scrambled Bites