This November, Upgrade 2.0, Special Airplane, Year Zero One and the Western Front have combined efforts to produce Pre/amble: A 2 Day Festival of Art and Psychogeography, which will feature walks, talks, and events over the weekend of November 1 & 2nd, 2003.

Pre/amble takes as a starting point the exploration of the city, an interest in dialogue surrounding methods of psychogeography, and the intersection of psychogeography with contemporary art practices. Pre/amble is focused on presenting work and ideas through talks and lectures as well as creating a forum for the presentation of artworks that take place in the space of the city. Events will centre around two modes of presentation:

1 // T A L K S:
Artists and researchers will talk about works from a broad range of media and subjects including mapping, mobile technologies, digital/analog hybrids, experimental cartography, data movement, moblogging, WiFi, warchalking/wardriving, interventions in public space, audio works, photography, and other fields ...

2 // W A L K S :
Artists and researchers will engage participants in projects that take place in public urban spaces, including performative events, dérives, fieldwork, tours, audio installations, participatory actions, GPS drawing, generative and/or algorithmic walks, and more...

All events are free and open to the public. Come and see what's doing!


Special Airplane
Year Zero One
Western Front