At Upgrade, tobias considered his involvement in tactical media and technoculture past, present and future, including a brief overview of the work of < ST >, his net-art project Document 9-1-1, his work with random chance operations and scripts for turntable and laptop performance, as well as his recent involvement with sonic psychogeography.

tobias c. van Veen
tobias c. van Veen is a renegade theorist & pirate, techno-turntablist & writer based in Montréal. He is Concept Engineer at SAT [] and Project Leader of Sonic Scene in the Mobile Digital Commons Network []. Since 1993 he has internationally directed over fifty independent conceptual and sound-art events, online interventions and radio broadcasts, working with STEIM, Mutek, the New Forms Festival, the Banff Centre, the Video-In, Upgrade!, the Vancouver New Music Society, and Hexagram. His work has appeared in CTheory, EBR, Bad Subjects, Leonardo, FUSE (contributing editor), e/i (columnist), the Wire, HorizonZero and through Autonomedia, among others. His writing has been translated into Spanish, Lithuanian and French and his art disseminated through,, Kunstradio,, CiTR, a handful of contemporary art museums (Denver, Barcelona, etc.), No Type's BricoLodge and the and/OAR labels. From 1993-2000 he was Direktor of the sonic performance Collective ( on the West Coast and co-founder of and

tobias hosts The Upgrade! Montreal, an affiliate of Upgrade 2.0//Vancouver, and is director of the [3p] project. Djing for over 10 years, tobias' style is marked by the cut-up and non-linear mixing styles of future techno and house: Detroit, minimal, dub, glitch, and acid. Run that through the regional markers of context (Montreal, Vancouver, Berlin) and the application of concept (masochism, atmosphere, shock). His Dj sets have appeared on,, and, and his skills have graced events worldwide, from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Montreal to NYC. An article discussing his experimental work with turntable scripts appeared in Leonardo Music Journal 13. Tobias is Ph.D candidate in Philosophy & Communication at McGill and New School, NYC.


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