At the second Upgrade International exhibition and symposium in Oklahoma City, International Upgrade! organizations and participating artists converged to present art and ideas to each other and the community. Included were workshops on art and technology, audio/video performances and presentations, and exhibitions of works by international and regional artists representing this year's theme: DIY (Do-It-Yourself). 18 of Upgrade's 22 nodes were represented at this amazing gathering. A tiny smattering of highlights from this four day event include:

DiY or Die: A ten year retrospective exhibition of Net Art curated by and and Upgrade! New York
B-Sides: DIY Drive-In Theatre: Compilation of film and video works screened in a drive-in theatre environment. (Upgrade! Scotland and New Media Scotland)
Floating Point Workshop: investigating local water quality using artist-developed eco-visualization software (Tiffany Holmes, Upgrade! Chicago)
AtlasGloves workshop about AtlasGloves, which uses a pair of lighted gloves to track hand gestures like grabbing and pulling on mapping applications such as Google Earth. (Mushon Zer-Aviv & Dan Phiffer, Upgrade! Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem, New York)
Sell Your Morning Walk 2.0: Local residents will create and sell the route of their morning walk with the help of a Do-It-Yourself tour kit. (Tae-Yoon Choi, Upgrade! Seoul)

Download the catalogue for this exhibition.

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