In partnership with Upgrade! International, Upgrade! Vancouver is presenting a series of outdoor screenings of local and international art videos.

Appropriating the functional model of online videosharing sites such as Youtube, we are creating a series of exploratory events that translate social videosharing into the analogue environment of the urban street.

Video programmes are curated by individual Upgrade nodes and screened outdoors in the built environment of cities including Vancouver, Paris, Montreal, Belgrade, Seattle, Scotland, Skopje, Chicago, Amsterdam and Istanbul. Videos will travel between cities, being screened locally and internationally.

The social software aspect of these events is explored through a deliberately low-tech model in which flyers containing contact information for participating artists will be circulated at the screenings, with the intention of encouraging people in these cities to develop individual connections.

The first Vancouver screening will take place July 27, 2007 in Vancouver, at Open Studios (252 East 1st Avenue. Off main, go around back). At this screening we will show a programme of art videos from Scotland, and one from Vancouver. The event will be approximately 1 hour in duration. Spread the word, and bring popcorn...

Video Programme: (Vancouver)
Medium: Sean Arden (00:2:48)
Home Bathroom Hotel: Victoria Stanton (00:1:18)
Moving Fruit: Victoria Stanton (00:1:11)
Roller Disco Solo (Segue): Miriam Needoba (00:3:00)
Anamorphic Loop 1: Puttering in the Meltdown: Oliver Hockenhull (00:1:59)
Anamorphic Loop 2: Cab Wise: Oliver Hockenhull (00:4:30)
Tempograph (Pink Kite): David Leith (00:00:29)
Hacking the Jack: Jesse Scott (00:0:11)
Cauliflower: Christopher Zimmermann (00:0:02)
Afterthoughts: Lane Last (00:2:54)
A Doll's House Is(excerpt): Henry Gwiazda (00:5:45)
Time Present Solo: Evann Siebens & Keith Doyle (00:1:45)

List of Screenings

New Media Scotland
Upgrade! Scotland
Upgrade! International