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A 2 day festival of Art and Psychogeography

NOVEMBER 1 & 2, 2003

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Western Front
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eileen matis wong

T A L K : Interact, Extract, Interpolate
Western Front
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2003
Time: 3 pm

eileen matis wong will appear at Pre/amble to talk about Interact Extract Interpolate, the collaborative effort of 12 individuals who, during three days in August, 2003, documented three environments in Banff, Alberta from psychological, geographical and graphical - psychogeographical - standpoints. Through the utilization of cognitive paths derived from permutated algorithms, the locations were analysed and visual roadmaps created. The intent of this analysis is to communicate both the essence and the existence of these time/place/space environments, and to create a true, visual representation thereof. Through this analysis a history, a modern folklore, is created.

The respective minds and collective human mind are, in fact, the most generative computers in existence. Without the human computer, the nonhuman computer (in its pervasive, invasive and ubiquitous state of being today) could not and would not function - or even exist. It is our hope that these experiments and the corresponding installation will provide new insights into the effects of "man meets nature meets technology meets nature meets man" in time/place/space environments and shed new light into the affects thereof.

Interact Extract Interpolate is Kathy Albaugh, Randall Dai, Kenyon Durr, Rain Koenemann, Jen Hoerth, Miah Hundley, eileen matis-wong, Jen Orr, Laura Schumacher, Andrew Sikes, Joanna Voorheis and Ian Walker, also known as Henry Cogswell College's DA 498 class. They are the first ever college class invited, as a group, to The Banff Centre for the Arts to participate in a self-directed Creative Residency. They are also the first ever college class to earn three academic credits in this environment.


eileen matis wong is an artist, designer and educator - not necessarily in that order. She lives in White Rock ("The City by the Sea"), British Columbia with her husband and four-legged kid, both of whom are camera shy. Her horribly outdated web site can be viewed at www.2equals1.com. She teaches digital media at Henry Cogswell College in Washington.

2 equals 1
Interact, Extract, Interpolate