P r e / a m b l e:
A 2 day Festival of Art and Psychogeography

NOVEMBER 1 & 2, 2003

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Western Front
Upgrade 2.0
Special Airplane
Kate Armstrong
Year Zero One

What is Psychogeography?
Algorithmic Psychogeography
Guy Debord's Theory of the Derive
Why Psychogeography?
Social Fiction
Participating Artists and Projects:

Julie Andreyev:
Driving as Microtactic (Talk)

Kate Armstrong:
PING (Walk)

Artist Run Limousine: Matt Smith and Sandra Wintner:
Audiomobile (Event)

Jim Colquhoun:
Peripatetic Randomiser: To Be Used in the Pleasurable Negation of Spectacular Space (Walk)

Robert Ladislas Derr:
Psychogeography: Context of Meaning in the Still and Moving Image (Talk)
Rational Structures, Broken Conventions: A Performance Sculpture (Walk)

Eliza Fernbach:
Rushing to your Death (Talk)

John (Craig) Freeman:
Imaging Place: Psychogeography in the Electrate Age (Talk)

GPSter: Karlis Kalnins :
The Gallery of the Miraculous : A Surrealist Location-Awareness Installation (Talk)

Kevin Hamilton:
Giving the Lead: A Series of Walked Interactions with Strangers (Talk)
Temporal Superimposition for the Walker (Walk)

Ingrid Koivukangas:
Archetypal Journeys: Vancouver Land-Based Works The Nautilus Project and The 5 Circle Project (Talk)

M. Simon Levin and Laurie Long:
Relational Aesthetics: About S.A.L.T. and C.H.A.R.T. (Talk)
GPS Bandoleer Drawing (Walk)

eileen matis wong:
Interact, Extract, Interpolate (Talk)

Murmur Chinatown (Walk)

Sharilyn Neidhardt:
Human Scale Chess (Walk)

Karen O'Rourke:
A Pixellated Spiral Walk & Some Screen-based Sightseeing (Walk)