Space Video addresses ideas of exploration in relation to inner and outer space. Having noticed that there are shared aesthetic qualities of video imagery that accompany disparate cultural and scientific phenomena including guided meditation, hypnosis, undersea and space exploration by NASA, motivational speaking, powerpoint backgrounds, science fiction, psychedelic drug culture, electronic music, popular spirituality, and computer effects, we have built a generative system that mixes an original non-linear narrative with YouTube videos on these subjects as they are uploaded in real time. These videos often attempt to portray what are ultimately non-visual spaces, producing images that are at once placeholders, images of the transcendental, trippy intergalactic stereotypes, and fields for persuasion.

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Space Video is a new commission with Michael Tippett for New Radio and Performing Arts for, with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Music for Space Video was composed and produced by Thomas Aston. Aston is a sound artist and electronic musician based out of London, UK and Toronto, Canada. Aston has produced original audio for Space Video which includes sound sampled from a purpose-built very low frequency radio telescope that monitors the sound of the Sun striking the Earth. His debut EP will be released by Hybridity Music in Spring 2012.