Operating from 2003 - 2010, was one of the first initiatives in Vancouver to work specifically at the intersection between art and technology. We were also the first satellite node of Upgrade, joining with Upgrade New York to launch the Upgrade International network, which now collaborates to produce publications, exhibitions and innovative processes of exchange between 30 cities.

Over the years we have held over 80 gatherings in Vancouver and participated in the production of 3 international exhibitions (Eyebeam, NYC, 2005; Untitled Art Space, Oklahoma City, 2006; Museum of the City of Skopje, Macedonia, 2008), and curated 2 original programmes of art videos that included the work of over 30 Vancouver artists and were shown in 12 countries including the ZKMax in Munich and the Tate Modern. We produced a festival of psychogeography (Pre/Amble, 2003) which brought together 18 international artists and researchers, and have produced 3 iterations of ArtCamp (2006, 2007, 2008) for the New Forms Festival, which was one of the first explorations into the unconference format in Vancouver.

Our local partners over the years have included the Western Front, Emily Carr University and Intersections Digital Studios, the New Forms Festival, Great Northern Way Campus, VIVO/Video Out, Open Studios, The Capilano Review, and the Helen Pitt Gallery, among many others.

Our international partners have included Eyebeam (New York), Art Centre Nabi (Seoul, Korea), Art Interactive (Boston), Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon), Public Art Lab (Berlin), SAT (Montreal), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Nomad (Istanbul), LINE initiative and Movement (Skopje, Macedonia), Emergent Art Centre (Eindhoven), Interspace (Bulgaria), Turbulence,org, and New Media Scotland, among many others.

A full list of the amazing and continuing Upgrade nodes is available at www.theupgrade.net.

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